"Enhance your communication skills, apply your new found knowledge at the business level, and build a true sense of empowerment"

BorderPlus intensive language seminars and online courses in English, Greek and Russian are based on individual, group, or company needs and requirements. 


"Intensive Language Seminars" for special language purposes are... 

  • for people who lack sufficient knowledge of specialized terminology in their field of interest, or require practice in the functions they need to perform within their day-to-day professional activities,  
  • combined with holidays in Limassol (Cyprus), one of Europe's finest tourist destinations,
  • suitable for adults of all ages
  • taught in small groups
  • inclusive of accommodation and transportation


"Online General Language Courses" provide a unique opportunity for those who want to benefit from individualized attention in the comfort of their own home.  Online General Language Courses can help you develop your skills when using English, Greek or Russian and equip you with the confidence to use the languages.  It is ideal for students who wish to learn a new language or brush up on existing skills at their own pace.  


Intensive Language Seminars & Holidays:


Online Language Courses:


BorderPlus offers...

  • Experienced teachers and trainers
  • A combination of work and pleasure; a fun time to meet other people
  • Rapid progress towards course objectives with a course designed and delivered for your needs
  • Packages which combine intensive language seminars with 4* or 5* accommodation for six nights on a HB basis
  • "Intensive Language Seminars, combined with holidays" and "Online Language Courses" designed especially for
  • You,
  • Your friends,
  • Your colleagues, and
  • Your staff

                            … who wish to share this unforgettable learning and leisure experience.



BorderPlus Intensive Seminars’

Key facts:

  Intensive Seminar fees include*…
  • One week seminar* = 20 lessons
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Aver. Class size*: 4-6
  • Start*:  Seminars run twice a month, from Monday to Friday
  • Mostly morning lessons*
  • Age: 18+
  • Pre-Arrival Test  
  • Once your seminar booking is confirmed, you will receive BorderPlus’ pre-arrival test.
  • The test will not determine whether you can or cannot attend a seminar.  It is merely an indicator of your overall English level, which will be taken into account for placement and seminar preparation purposes only.
  • BorderPlus seminars include:
  • Extra private tutoring available
  • Variety of extracurricular activities (optional)
  • Offered at seminar rooms at your Hotel, or in Hotels and Conference rooms located just a few minutes away from your accommodation. 
*Customized for tailor-made courses
  • Seminar lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • Pre-Arrival Test
  • Transportation from/to hotel and seminar/excursion venues
  • Course material
  • Complimentary excursion
  • 4* or 5* hotel accommodation / 6 nights (applicable only for Packages)
  • Daily Coffee breaks during classes
  • Daily Lunch breaks at a 4* or 5* hotel (applicable only for Packages)
  • Friendly and professional staff ready to assist you
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the seminar 
  • Continuous Support and personalized attention


Indicative time schedule for intensive language seminars (Monday - Friday)

Morning Classes
Session 1
Session 2
Coffee Break
Session 3
Session 4
Lunch break (optional)
Afternoon/ Night
Excursion / Activity / Free Time

English for Business Intensive Seminar

Designed for highly motivated businessmen/women, executives and students.
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English for Tourism Intensive Seminar

Designed to meet English language needs of professionals in the tourism industry and students of tourism.
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English for Football Intensive Seminar

Helps both players and coaches to understand the language necessary to play in whatever country.
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MBA English Intensive Seminar

Designed for students and professionals who intend to join an MBA degree or a graduate Diploma program in Business.
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TOEFL Preparation Intensive Seminar

Focuses on exam-taking strategies that will help you achieve the highest possible score.
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IELTS Preparation Intensive Seminar

Aims to prepare you to succeed in the exam and achieve a high score.
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IGCSE Preparation Intensive Seminar

Introduces exam takers to ways and techniques that will make exams easier.
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Tailor-Made Seminars (individuals/ mini-groups)

Language seminars based on your group’s, company’s, or even your friends’ specific linguistic needs.
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Packages and Special Offers

Attractive package deals for individuals and groups. A unique learning experience which blends perfectly with holidays in Cyprus.
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Online General Language Courses

Learn English, Greek and Russian with online lessons in the comfort of your home.
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