English for Housekeepers–Online Course

If …

  • you are working – or if you are planning to work – as a housekeeper or a nanny,
  • English is expected to be the medium of communication between you and your employers,
  • your level of English is low and/or you are not familiar with the relevant terminology needed for your line of work...

… then you will definitely benefit from this line of online courses.  


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Our “English for Housekeepers and Nannies Intensive Online Courses” are especially designed for…

  • chambermaids (usually in a hotel),
  • cleaners,
  • domestic servants,
  • executive housekeepers (manages housekeepers, maids etc),
  • house cleaners,
  • maids, and
  • nannies (main duty is childcare)


… who wish to acquaint themselves with the relevant terminology employed in their work, obtain an advantage when it comes to securing a job, and feel confident in their daily communication when performing their duties.



BorderPlus online course will teach you important vocabulary and expressions related to the running of a household or to the caring of children and it will help you use the right kind of English in the right setting, in a polite and friendly manner.  Whether your job is at a private house, a cruise ship, a hotel or office, this intensive online course will help you communicate more effectively with your clients, your guests, your employers and colleagues. 


English for Housekeepers and Nannies can be designed according to your needs and the requirements and specifications of your job.  


Key facts

  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Offered on a 1-on-1 basis
  • Offered in group classes (provided that participants share the same job characteristic)
  • Available 24/7
  • Tailor made course according to your needs
  • 100% dedicated academic staff to build and optimize the learning plan
  • 15 minutes FREE online meeting to assess your English needs in detail and set realistic goals for your English course
  • Fits into your everyday schedule at work or home
  • Offered in English, Greek and Russian 


How it works

  • Online courses are done through Skype. 
  • You can see your teacher’s computer screen by using screen-sharing software (free to download).


What you need

  • A fast and reliable internet connection.
  • A Skype account (free)
  • A headset (for good audio quality)
  • Screen-sharing software (free to download)


Course package Fees for 1 participant Fees for 2 participants

Group Fees
(3-4 participants)

BorderPlus offers PLUS... 


- 15 minute FREE online meeting

- EXTRA FREE online lessons with every course package

5 x 45 minute lessons (*1) 90 euros 125 euros 200 euros
10 x 45 minute lessons (*2) 160 euros 220 euros 400 euros


(*1) To be taken over a five week period

(*2) To be taken over a ten week period


Fees include initial assessment of your level and requirements, preparation of lessons, teaching material and handouts.


Send us an email to book your online course and arrange for your free 15-minute preparatory meeting with our teachers or contact us for further information. 


Do not forget to add us to your Skype contacts: border.plus


Payments are to be made in advance by ONLINE payment (PAYPAL) or international bank transfer and are to be received by BorderPlus, in full, no later than 5 days prior to the starting date of your online course.

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